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Infertility 1 of 2 - What Is Required To Birth A Healthy Baby.

INFERTILITY - WHAT IS REQUIRED TO BIRTH A HEALTHY BABY -- One couple now has three children, though five physicians originally told them they would never conceive. Another couple, the wife experienced three miscarriages before being referred to Advanced Clinical Nutrition and now they have two children.

Due to the length of this article on Infertility, the information is provided in two blog postings.


Blog Post #1 includes:
1. Purpose and Introduction (Lack of Public Education in Prevention of Infertility)
2. Two Success Stories From Dr. Smith's Actual Case Histories
3. Toxicity and Malnutrition Defined
4. Male and Female Considerations
5. Typical Scenario For Women Today

Blog Post #2 includes:
6. Two Frequent Causes of Infertility And Other Male or Female Symptoms
7. Hormone Imbalance
8. Testing For the Causes of Infertility
9. Correcting the Causes as Identified In Testing
10.Dr. Smith's Own Success Story
11.Conclusion and An Invitation To Meet Your Own Baby


A Clinical Nutrition Analysis or interpretation of biochemical testing of blood, saliva, hair, urine, etc., is different from a medical interpretation. This is why identifying the causes of infertility is often not possible through medical diagnosis, unless there is a disease in the reproductive glands and organs.

After all, Pregnancy and Infertility are not diseases, and the practice of medicine is for emergency medical assistance and the diagnosis of diseases and life-threatening conditions. Additionally, medical treatment utilizes drugs for the management of the symptoms of disease and surgery, when drugs can no longer manage the symptoms, or the progression of disease in the organ or gland is left-threatening. Then, surgical removal of a part may extend the life of the whole body. However, some parts of the body cannot be removed surgically or the patient will die.

Thus, medical treatment is not designed for pregnancy (as you know many drugs warn against taking them while pregnant) or infertility, though there are some extreme medical treatments that can manipulate biochemistry and force pregnancy on a body that has been rejecting pregnancy. The innate healing system within is the wisest doctor we have and if the body is rejecting conception or pregnancy at any stage, it behooves us to find out why and work with, not against the body. Otherwise, the consequences may have damaging and lasting effects. Since one of the primary purposes for a woman's body is to house and nourish the baby to full-term, then it should be logical that the inability to do this must have something to do with nutrition and that which blocks nutrition (i.e., toxicity).

This blog has been written to encourage and introduce couples challenged with infertility that it is possible to identify the causes of infertility, and other male and female symptoms that have no medical cause, and there is safe and effective therapy available through a clinical nutrition and naturopathic practitioner, like Dr. Smith, who can assist them in the process of identifying and correcting the causes of their infertility to the joy of the birth and post-delivery care of their healthy baby and mother.

Public awareness is sorely lacking today in what a couple must do to prepare their bodies to birth a healthy child. We have professional Nutritionists and Sports Coaches for training athletes to compete in sports events, and yet, how much more important is it for couples to receive the same professional attention, education, training and support to assure that their children have the health of mind and body to compete in life events and secure the future of our country's citizens.

My mission is based on the words of Winston Churchill, in 1943, "Healthy Citizens Are The Greatest Asset Any Country Can Have."

The statistics on increasing numbers of couples experiencing infertility today is evidence of this lack of public education.

Identifying and correcting the Causes of Infertility is the responsibility of both the male and female desiring to have a healthy baby, not solely the female's responsibility. Therefore, a clinical nutrition analysis of both male and female biochemistry is required.


1. Five physicians told a couple that they could never have a baby and there was nothing more they could do for them. After being referred to Advanced Clinical Nutrition by another satisfied client, this couple had their biochemistry tested and corrected the causes of their infertility through clinical nutrition and naturopathic therapy, and now have three healthy children.

2. The wife of another couple had three miscarriages by the time she was referred to me. Each time, she miscarried in the third month. After being on their clinical nutrition program for a number of month, anxious to get pregnant, the couple asked me if they could now get pregnant. I advised them to wait for another six months and then they would be ready to do so. At their next appointment, the couple announced they were pregnant.

This time, the wife carried the baby to five months and then miscarried. I advised the couple to view this event realistically and positively, that though they had gotten pregnant against my clinical nutrition advice, it served the purpose of providing them with evidentiary proof that their clinical nutrition program is working, as this pregnancy aborted at five, instead of three, months and the miscarriage happened only because they just got pregnant too soon.

So, I adjusted her program to detoxify and replenish nutrients from the miscarriage, and they both continued their programs for another six months, with my adjusting the program, according to updated testing. Six months later, I announced to them to – Go for it! And they did. They got pregnant shortly after and now they have two children, exactly what they wanted – a boy and then a girl.


Toxicity is the accumulation of chemicals, metals and other toxic substances in the cells and tissue of body organs and glands from the ingestion or exposure to pollutants in air, food and water. Toxic cells and tissue initiate the degeneration process of the damaged and dying, which results in dead cells and tissue.

Toxicity also applies to parasite (germ and worm) infestation. Parasites are electro-magnetically attracted to the malnourished and toxic cells and tissue for which the specific germ or worm is designed to break down. In other words, parasites are designed to metabolize the malnourished, damaged or dying cell and tissue and chemically change them into substances, called "waste," for the body to eliminate. This is a law of physics and biochemistry, i.e., the evolutionary process of parasites returning human matter (dead cells/tissue) to the earth. However, the body is not always able to eliminate its waste due to a dysfunctional liver, kidneys and intestines, and the waste becomes deposited in other cells and tissue, causing them to become toxic.

Most people think of malnutrition as a condition of third-world countries; however, since the industrialization of the food industry in the early 1900's, producing refined, processed and chemically-additive/preservative, packaged foods, people are experiencing the symptoms of malnutrition, today, more than the symptoms of disease caused by injury or hereditary factors. These processed foods (or rather non-foods) are produced by removing enzymes from the whole foods, then the food industry fortifying them with "synthetic" vitamins and minerals, often not even extracted from foods, but synthetically produced in a laboratory from non-food sources, all for the purpose of extending shelf-life of packaged foods. This and other factors, like depleted soils that grow foods, are adversely affecting human nutrition, today.

In fact, all illnesses and diseases, except those caused injury or hereditary (which is few in comparison) are the results of long-term nutrient deficiencies (in vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats/oils and water) that in time, adversely affects biochemical balance. This begins the process of degeneration, i.e., the body's inability to grow new, healthy cells and tissue. Long-term cellular and tissue deficiency and biochemical imbalance causes dysfunctions, then in time, diseases develops in the organs, glands and body systems containing more malnourished, decaying and dead cells/tissue than healthy ones.

In respect to parasites, there are two other important considerations.

1. Though parasites have a biological purpose, they are not entirely discriminating, as they can also digest (eat) healthy cells and tissue. They, also, stay in the human body when there is sufficient malnourished cells and tissue in which to feed on. In time, malnourished people become so inundated with parasites feeding on the cells and tissues of their organs, glands and body systems that the increased number of parasites, plus the malnourished cells and tissue that are decaying, accelerates the progress of dysfunction and disease.

This is what Louis Pasteur missed in his "germ theory" research that unfortunately became the basis for medical treatment in the 20th Century, and the development of pharmaceutical drugs to kill parasites. On his death bed, Louis Pasteur confessed that he was wrong, that germs do not cause diseases.

Think of it this way, which came first the mosquito or the swamp, the swamp, of course. Parasites only invade the body when its internal environment contains malnourished, damaged, decaying (dying)and dead cells and tissue.

However, this confession was ignored by the American Medical Association and medical schools and, now, we have a whole generation of people and medical professionals, who have overlooked the true cause of illnesses and diseases, and that is "malnourished" cells, tissue, organs, glands and body systems.

Therefore, malnutrition and toxicity are the primary causes all illnesses and diseases, including infertility.

2. Our social burial service of making caskets that may take the earth decades, if not centuries, to break down first, if possible, to get to the human matter. Human matter nourishes and replenishes the earth, just like plant matter from a dead tree. Therefore, this social burial services is promoting malnourishment of the earth. Some day, we may well experience the adverse affects of this burial service, if it is not stopped in time. This is another topic that needs more public awareness and action.


The Medical approach is to consider nothing more about the male role in pregnancy or infertility, than if there is a sufficient vs. low sperm count, other than possible testicle and prostate diseases. However, what is in the sperm should also be considered.

Malnourished sperm cells and toxicity in sperm can adversely affect its quality and quantity and this toxicity can be transferred to the egg at the moment of ovulation, which adversely affect its development, even destroy the egg. So assisting the male in detoxifying sperm and increasing the sperm's nutrient and hormone value is a key consideration for the male, which in turn improves production of sufficient sperm count.


Regarding the woman, the human body is very wise. A woman’s body is designed for pregnancy. So what needs to be considered is what is stopping a woman from getting pregnant and/or bringing pregnancy to full-term, as there is a always a reason.

For example: "Why is the egg being rejected by the body, rather than staying embedded and progressing to the next phase of developing and maturing the fetus? Is the problem with the egg or the uterine lining? Getting to the cause of this is wiser and safer for both mother and fetus, rather than trying to force the body to do something it is rejecting, which is often the procedure of fertility clinics.

Forcing the body to do anything by manipulating its biochemistry and metabolic processes can have some short-term results, but there are long-term adverse affects on the baby, such as being born with disability or deformity, and for the mother, such as:

1. affecting future ability to have children or
2. make her already severe hormone imbalance worse, which in time can:
a. affect the woman’s emotional states and sanity, and
b. inhibit regeneration of the other healthy hormone-related cells and tissue (e.g., the bones and joints)
c. accelerate her aging process.


In fact, here is the typical scenario for most women today. Birth control pills suppress the elevation of progesterone in the second cycle of the female reproduction system. Without elevated progesterone the egg cannot develop into a fetus/baby, which is what makes birth control pills successful.

However, elevated progesterone is required by the body to stop estrogen from making more eggs. Because birth control inhibits this process, by the time a young woman has been on birth control pills for several years, they have such a high count of rotten eggs in their uterus that it causes infection and they develop Endometriosis and/or have break-through bleeding or spotting, or weeks and months of excessive menstrual bleeding (i.e., beyond five days).

The medical answer is a partial or complete hysterectomy, when their synthetic, chemical drugs fail to balance hormones, and this process ends the hopes of many couples to birth their own children. According to Dr. Janet Lang, 90% of hysterectomies are elective, which means they are not life-threatening. This means this is the only option their physicians offer to women. Hormone drugs fail because only nutrients can improve the function of hormone-producing glands.

For women, who are not in such a severe state that their physician suggest a hysterectomy, may be severe enough, however, to experience infertility or have multiple miscarriages.

Women who can have their first baby, because of toxicity, poor diet and lack of public education in how to prepare their bodies for pregnancy and delivery, go into their second and other pregnancies, so nutrient-depleted from the first and each consecutive pregnancy, that their health suffers from varying degrees of malnutrition and toxicity for the rest of their lives, and each pregnancy produces a more malnourished and toxic child.

This is why if you observe the health of children in families today, you will find that the healthiest child is generally the first born and the last born is generally the weakest one… more allergies, more colds/flu, etc. Today, we have more children experiencing adult diseases than any other time in history. Each child being less healthy compared to the one born before it.

And the mothers – bless them, by the time they are in their 30’s, if they started having babies in early twenties. or younger, or by their 40’s if they had children in their late twenties or 30’s – are now

1. on anti-depressant drugs because their hormone imbalances are so severe that it causes extremes in mood swings, irritability, even violence, which can lead to divorce years later.

2. so exhausted and fatigued from severe mineral depletion that if the world would leave them alone, they would stay in bed all day as they cannot get enough sleep in just eight hours. That is, if their responsibilities of women today even gives them eight hours to sleep. Without sufficient minerals, cells cannot produce sufficient energy for internal biological processes AND activity of the person. Without sufficient sleep (8 hours every night) the body cannot repair and heal itself, which is purpose of sleep.

3. Lack of sleep, malnutrition, and toxicity accelerates in the aging process of men and women. However, due to multiple pregnancies, women have always been more malnourished than men. Acceleration of the aging process is observed in women getting facial wrinkles sooner, graying of hair before they are in their 50's, joint or muscle aches and stiffness, heart murmurs or palpitations, etc., including more female symptoms of severe hormone imbalances that leads to their physicians recommending hysterectomies as their only solution. Symptoms are related to which areas of the body most depleted and toxic from each pregnancy. Why do people generally start getting gray hair around or after the age of 50? It generally takes that long for long-term minerals deficiencies to affect the new, healthy hair growth, which causes pre-mature graying, thinning and hair loss.

Not sure the above is true, just ask the women you know in these age groups and see how many would say that #1-#3 applies to them and women they know.


  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. Alena, thank you so much for visiting my blog AND leaving a comment. My intention in writing this Infertility blog is to help women understand the cause of their female health challenges, no matter what they are, and to share the safe and effective therapy of clinical nutrition so they are no longer misled into thinking that their only option is drugs and a hysterectomy.

    Thank you, Alena, for Amanda's website link. I visited her website and found it wonderful. What Amanda went through before finding healthier solutions to her body's production of ovarian cysts.

    Alena, I want to also thank you in advance for visiting my blog in the future, as well as any comments you have, as I am interested in what you think. Additionally, if there is any information you would like for me to provide in my blog, please let me know.

    God bless you.