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Dangers and Alternatives to Root Canals, Implants and Filling Cavities

This is an introductory article on holistic dentistry and the dangers and healthier alternatives for three standard dental procedures performed by traditional dentists – Root Canals, Implants and Mercury/Amalgam Fillings. I was prompted to write this from a request by Graphic Artist, Cindy Whittaker. Cindy posted the following question on the “Frustrations in Improving Your Health – Survey “ I created that Facebook Profile and Group to survey “What are the biggest challenges and frustrations the public is having improving their health, safely and effectively, without drugs?

"Hi Dr. Smith! I have a dental question for you. You helped me avoid having a root canal (thank you thank you!), so now I wanted to know if you can also help, if I think I have a cavity. I see a little black dot on the tooth so I think it's just starting. I think I remember you saying once that when you need to go to the dentist, you have a protocol that will help minimize the effects of their treatment on the body. So I'm not sure if this is something you can eliminate or just help with, if I do have to go to the dentist. Thanks Dr. Smith!"

Because this is an introduction and not written to provide all the details you will need, in the closing, I will be sharing how you may obtain further information that will provide more detailed holistic dental education, step by step practical instructions and applications, and contact information for the holistic dentists I recommend to my clients.

You may ask, what does the term holistic mean? Holistic or wholistic refers to the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In references to healthcare, though a holistic health care practice may provide services to benefits all four aspects of the human being, it generally means that whatever the specialized field of practice, whether dentistry, medicine, etc., treatments first “do no harm” and consider its affect on the whole body, not just the treatment of the one area or part of the body the health care service specializes in.

For example, medicine today is so specialized (segregated) that the treatment of an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Doctor, for example, generally, gives no consideration to the adverse affects of its treatment on other parts of the body, e.g., how the ENT treatment may adversely affect the patient’s liver, stomach or the diagnosis or treatment of the Gastroenterologist.


To answer Cindy’s question, first, let me share about Root Canals. It is challenging for a dentist to "see" all the infection to remove it even if the dentist uses two magnifying glasses, which no dentist should do this procedure using just one. However, even using two, the dentist still may not be able to "see" all of the infection to remove it.

It is in these cases that the greatest dangers in having a root canal lies. Why? Because once the Dentist fills the canal, the infection is walled (or locked in) and NO drug, herb or vitamin supplement can get to infection. Yet the infection can get to the entire body - the other teeth, bones, the organs, etc. Can anything be done, you may ask? Yes, undo what was done, i.e., remove the substance that filled the canal, take specific herbs and homeopathics to digest the germs causing the infection and to remove the damaged/decayed cells, the digested germs, and their waste from the body.

As the body becomes more ill from this infection permeating from the canal, most M.D. do not know THIS is the source of the infection that is spreading throughout the body will prescribe antibiotics.

The Root Canal procedure also includes removing the nerves in the tooth, receiving the Root Canal. Removing nerves has an adverse affect on other parts of the body. In other words, each tooth has nerves to another area of the body. Whatever adversely affects that tooth also affects the corresponding area of the body it is linked to. Once the nerves in that tooth has been removed, there is nothing than can help heal the damage that will occur in that corresponding area of the body.


Taking antibiotics does not work as explained above and taking them destroys intestinal flora, causing Dysbiosis, in addition to, damaging/destroying the intestine’s ability to grow its own flora.

Dysbiosis is when the intestinal flora (friendly bacteria) has been destroyed, which must be present to act as guards lining the intestinal wall. The function of this flora is to:

1. monitor parasite (germs/worms) overgrowth and
2. prevent infection and parasites from moving through the intestinal wall and infecting the rest of the body.

In this state of Dysbiosis, the person’s defense against parasite overgrowth is gone. When flora is sufficient in the intestines and its defenses strong, this is called, Eubiosis.


With the lost of this intestinal flora defense, yeast overgrowth ensues and produces the symptoms, called Candida. Anyone who has experienced Candida knows that yeast overgrowth can affect every part of the body and produce symptoms from head to toe, such as lack of concentration, headaches, mental fog, pain the joints, muscles, organs or glands, to toe fungus.

If you have taken just one antibiotic drug or any other drug that destroys intestinal flora, you have Dysbiosis and in time will develop Candida. Because Candida affects every part of the body, a person may be treated by their physician for the symptoms in an area of the body affected by the Candida and overlook the actual cause of the symptoms. Therefore, it would be wise to contact me for a Dysbiosis Supplement Program to assist your body in growing its own intestinal flora again and we suspect you, also, have symptoms of Candida, this can be verified through biochemical testing of a stool sample or vaginal swab. Candida, according to one of my mentors, i.e., yeast overgrowth, is diagnosed as cancer in its chronic stages of development.

From my own clinical observations, I agree. What is one of the most frequent comments you hear about cancer? It can start in one area of the body and spread throughout the body rapidly. Yeast is in the mold and fungus species. If you find mold on one small area of, say, a piece of cheese in the refrigerator and do not remove it, what do you observe a few days later? The mold has grown and the area is enlarged. If you still did not remove it and came back a few more days later, the mold may have consumed the entire block of cheese. Now what if you did not remove the cheese, but left it there, in time, the mold would so thoroughly consume the cheese that it would flatten and then disintegrate. Doesn’t this sound like what happens to the human body with cancer?

The holistically-minded patient, who suspects Candida is the cause of their symptoms, will then seek a natural or holistic health care practitioner, such as a Naturopathic Doctor or Clinical Nutritionist. If their practitioner recognizes this state of Dysbiosis, it is standard protocol to recommend Probiotics. Probiotics are ingesting in capsule form, generally, the intestinal flora/bacteria to replace what has been destroyed.

Recommending Probiotics is a good recommendation, but an incomplete one. Why? Because, when the practitioner has reviewed the Laboratory Reports from testing initial and updated yeast cultures and finds the latest test results indicate yeast is now within normal range (healthy intestines must have some yeast), the patient will be advised to stop the Probiotics. Some patients may assume when the symptoms are gone, they are healed and may stop taking Probiotics without consulting their practitioner before doing so.

In either case, once the person stops taking Probiotics, in due time, the yeast overgrowth will reoccur and the patient becomes confused as to why they have Candida again. Why? Because the cause of yeast overgrowth was not corrected.

As a general rule, “Never stop a supplement prescribed based on testing results until the an updated test indicates you no longer require the supplement.” Being symptoms free is not an indication of health or healing attained. To understand this statement, click here to read the ”Why Test?” webpage of my website at

Recommending Probiotics, without correcting the cause of yeast or other germ overgrowth, is much like giving someone sitting in a sinking boat, a bucket to scoop out the water. If their reflexes are fast enough to keep dumping out the water, the boat may stay afloat until it reaches the shore. However, stop using the bucket and the boat sinks.


To correct the cause of Dysbiosis is to restore the intestines ability to grow its own flora and avoid taking Antibiotics and other drugs that will destroy intestinal flora again. I am currently one of the few doctors in the U.S. who actually knows which three herbs are required by the intestines to heal its lining and restore its ability to grow its own flora/bacteria again. So, I rarely recommend Probiotics.

Additionally, as Cindy knows from personal experience, I dispense specific “therapeutic” homeopathics that detoxify bacteria, virus, and other germs/worms/toxins from the body, that are safe, effective and do not adversely affect the intestinal flora, and have been doing so with great success for over 20 years. Because of this, I have not personally taken an antibiotic since 1975 and my son is 24 years old and is a truly drug-free American. We also have specific homeopathics and therapeutic supplements to detoxify the germs that cause tooth abscesses.

Therefore, the need for antibiotics today is limited to use in hospitals or emergency rooms, when saving the life of someone involved in a life-threatening accident, injured in a war, or having surgery. Why, limited to using only in these cases? Because using antibiotics is still standard medical treatment in hospitals and emergency rooms. However, outside of these facilities, the patient has a choice of treatments for infections – antibiotics or herbs/homeopathics, etc. Whether antibiotics have been administered as standard treatment in the hospital or emergency room or the patient has chosen to take antibiotics, they should begin a therapeutic Dysbiosis Herbal Supplement Program to restore the body’s ability to produce its own intestinal flora again as soon as the antibiotics have been discontinued. I also recommend, the next time, this patient thinks an antibiotic is needed, to contact me for a therapeutic homeopathic and experience this truth that antibiotics are no longer needed except in hospitals or emergency rooms.


To correct Candida is to restore the body’s ability to grow its own intestinal flora and take therapeutic herbs or vitamin/herb formulations that digest the excess yeast. My patients are delighted with my therapeutic Candida program, not only because it is safe and effective, but because it does not require the standard highly restrictive Candida Diet.


In closing this introduction on Root Canals, you now understand that not only is having a root canal dangerous to the entire body due removing the nerves in the affected tooth and walling in the infection that can spread throughout the body, the standard medical treatment (only since the early 1900’s) for infections is prescribing antibiotics, which can lead to far worse health challenges, due to Dysbiosis, yeast (Candida) and other germ overgrowth, than the patient’s original health challenge, i.e., one infected tooth. Additionally, the source of the infection affecting the rest of the body will remain undetected because suspecting root canals as a possible source is not standard practice for Medical Doctors and even Traditional Dentists.


So what is the alternative to a root canal? There are a number of specially trained, holistic dentists who understand these dangers and have a healthier procedure for dealing with a tooth diagnosed for the root canal procedure by traditional dentists not trained or aware of alternative procedures.

Mercury/Amalgam Fillings and Implants, also, recommended in traditional dentistry, each have their own dangers and should be avoided.


The Titanium (or other metal) prosthesis or rods in implants or any metal in any other part of the body short-circuits the electrical frequencies of the nervous system and can interfere or stop messages from the brain to other parts of the body, from the body to the brain, or from one part of the body to another. In time this interference causes dysfunction in all the areas of the body not receiving clear communications. If this is difficult to believe, get a piece of titanium or any metal and a wire that has electricity running through it and run your own experiment. Only be sure not to touch the metal and electrocute yourself. LOL. Additionally Google Titanium and see how toxicity this metal is.

One of my observations with substances (chemicals and metals) used in dental and medical treatment that are deemed acceptable is judged so because of their short-term answer to an immediate need without giving consideration to the adverse affect on the human mind and body from this slow poisoning of or ongoing interference with the function of the cells and tissue that results from daily exposure. Additionally, there are many medical and dental procedures that contribute to degenerative diseases, including the substances used for examination procedures, such as having patients ingest dyes that can help the physician diagnoses the disease.

If you already have implants or metals in other areas of the body, read my website article, ”Scars, Tattoos, Piercings, Vaccination Puncture Sites And Other Interference (To Healing) Field” at

Just a little over a year ago, a colleague of one of my holistic dentists developed a procedure for implants using a non-metal prosthesis that is safe and effective for implants. Feel free to contact me for their contact information.


There is much information available today online, and a number of books written on the dangers of mercury poisoning of cells and tissue, due to broken or chipped teeth that leak mercury from the cavity or degraded mercury, itself, is then swallowed and absorbed in the mouth or tongue tissue and spreads to the rest of the body.

Because of this available information, I am going to just mention one fact that when presented is either misleading or misinforming. In your search online, you may find reports stating that mercury is a safe to use because mercury is a stable substance. Though this is true that mercury in itself is a stable substance, what is omitted from these reports is information about two factors that make mercury unstable – heat and friction. So as long as mercury is not in contact with heat or friction it is stable. However, what do you think happens each time the upper teeth come in contact with the lower teeth – friction -- and each time a person eats foods or drinks beverages that are hot, the mercury fillings are exposed to heat.

Thus, in time, the mercury becomes unstable and leaks out or as the tooth surrounding it continues to degenerate it will break or chip and release the mercury.

There are healthier substances available today for filling cavities than silver, mercury, also called amalgam, fillings. I have an article that provides instructions on what to present and request of a traditional dentist to assist your dentist in performing standard, traditional dentistry, only using healthier substances for fillings cavities. Below, I have, also, provided information on how to contact a holistic dentist.


To answer Cindy’s question about her small black dot (cavity). A small black dot may not require a dentist, but simply a clinical nutrition dental supplement program to nourish, strengthen, and detoxify that tooth, if the cavity is not too far gone (decayed) for repair in the places not seen. A dental examination may be required only to assess the health of the tooth. If the small dot of a cavity is worse in unseen places, the information in the article referred to below will present a list of healthier substances, than mercury, to fill the cavity.


Any traditional dentist today can do what holistic dentists are doing because both traditional and holistic dental techniques and procedures are still founded in standard dentistry taught in dental schools.

So How Does A Holistic Dentist Differ From A Traditional Dentist?

A Holistic Dentist:

1. has completed post-graduate study and training in dental techniques and procedures that were not discovered prior to their graduation from dental school that will “Do No Harm” to other areas of the body, including the teeth.
a. To update college curriculum takes decades to accomplish. Therefore, innovative dental education, techniques and procedures must be obtained by attending dental courses not offered by dental school.

2. substitutes safe and non-toxic dental substances and solutions in place of the toxic substances and solutions they were taught to use in dental school. Substances like mercury for filling cavities, which was selected as traditional dental practice because it was stability, which made for long-term durability. The long-term adverse affects on the body were not considered.

3. Is an independent thinker, who acknowledges the truth in the above statement in 1.a. and does not dismiss sound and progressive dental education, research or procedural training simply because it was not taught in dental school.

4. Advanced Holistic Dentists recognizes the dangers of drug therapy (for example, antibiotics, as explained above) and that the TRUE CAUSE for the need of their dental services, in the first place, is malnutrition (clinical and subclinical deficiencies) and toxicity (exposure to germs, worms, and toxic metals and chemicals) in the teeth, gums and jaws. Therefore, the advanced holistic dentist also refers their patients to a Clinical Nutritionist and/or Naturopathic Doctor for

a. vitamin and mineral testing of their biochemistry to identify these deficiencies so the specific therapeutic, whole food supplements may be taken for nutrient repletion to restore sufficient nutrient levels and for internal body detoxification to improve the health of the teeth.

b. Therapeutic herbs, homeopathics and other whole food vitamins/minerals dispensed for acute dental health challenges, such as infections, abscesses, etc. These supplements work as quickly as antibiotics without the adverse affects on intestinal flora and the rest of the body.

c. And change of diet. Most people know, for example, ingesting refined/processed white sugar is one of the leading poisons, labeled as food, in our American cultural diet that destroys enamel, gums, degenerates jaw bones and rots teeth.


As you google for more information on holistic dentistry, you may find websites that want you to believe that holistic dentistry is quackery or not founded in standard dentistry practice. Any traditional dentist can learn the holistic dentistry and all holistic dentists began as traditional dentists.

It is a historical fact that innovative research, education, and training can take decades to be accepted by the traditionalists in any professional field of science (medical, dental or nutritional) or any industry. Therefore, expecting the ADA to support holistic dentistry is also not likely any time soon and the ADA is often the source for the negative reports published about holistic dentistry. This also applies to the American Medical Association (AMA) support of holistic health care practitioners, like Naturopathic Doctors, and the American Dietetic Association (ADA) support of other fields of nutritional science, like Clinical Nutrition (i.e., the Clinical Nutritionist).

Just because you are the first kid on the block does not mean you should be the only kid or you are the only one with value when others arrive. However, this attitude seems to dominate the health and disease care industry. Truth be known, non-medical therapies today have existed before the standard 20th century medical practice of using only drugs and surgery as treatments for the human body However, this is not known by the general public because they were born in the 20th century and all public health education about the treatment of illness and disease has been centered on drugs and surgery.


Because holistic dentistry is a new field of dentistry, and because it will be decades for the curriculum in dental schools to include holistic techniques and procedures as standard practice, there has not been sufficient time to establish a standard of training or holistic practice among the holistic dentists today. It is currently at the discretion or awareness of the holistic dentist to seek holistic training and, thus, training may vary.

Additionally, because of American Dental Association’s (ADA) dogmatic view point about mercury being stable and, therefore, safe to use as a substance for filling, there may never been training in healthier non-toxic substances in dental schools.
Because holistic dentistry is founded in standard, traditional dental practices, all holistic dentists were once traditional dentists. Holistic Dentists may, also, obtain holistic dental certifications which allow them to integrate holistic protocols with standard, traditional dental practice. It is also important to know that traditional dentists in your community may be willing to learn and may even be knowledgeable in some holistic procedures. However, they are not allowed, due to ADA dictates, to offer these procedures unless the patient requests them.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the individual to educate him or herself, specifically, about what questions to ask of your holistic dentist to assess whether the holistic dentist offers the holistic procedure you need and how to request holistic procedures so the traditional dentist can provide the service you need, if knowledgeable or trained.


Here are two websites for locating holistic dentists:

There are others. I do not know these dentists professionally. I do, however, have my own list of holistic dentists I refer my clients to whom I know are trained in all aspects of holistic dentistry and whom I trust to take excellent care of my clients. Please feel free to call or email me for their contact information.


I have a article I provide for my clients that gives them a list of healthier substances for filling cavities, a list of questions to ask their dentist to determine if their dentist can perform holistic procedures, and how to request holistic procedures from traditional dentists so they may provide the services you need if they are trained to do so, and much, much more.

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To summarize this Holistic Dentistry Introduction, I have provided some primary dangers of the root canal not generally known. The public is more aware of mercury filling and its adverse affect on the human body, though they are not generally aware of the name of specific substances, which the article referred to above will provide, that are safe to use so they can make sure they request these substances whenever they have a cavity in need of filling.

It is a fact that all drugs are toxic to the human body and to use a drug for any other purpose than when in a hospital or emergency room is to cause more health challenges for oneself, which I shared one of the worse drug side effect and this is Dybsiosis, which leads to Candida. In the treatment of Candida, I also shared why Probiotics, though a help, is not getting to the cause and will not heal the body of Candida. I also shared why it is important to correct Dysbiosis and Candida as soon as possible to avoid the development of other diseases, including cancer.

Correcting Dysbiosis is an in expensive clinical nutrition program, which I dispense, upon request, to anyone who has ever taken an antibiotic and will provide a FREE CONSULTATION to assess if they are also experiencing the symptoms of Candida and what is required to correct this.

Please give me a call at (940) 761-4045, if you suspect you have either of these and if you have taken antibiotics, and by the way, taking them just once, or any other drug that destroys intestinal flora, you can be assured that you have both.

It is possible to avoid dental procedures when you improve the nutritional quality of your teeth and detoxify germs and worms from the entire body, and there are healthier treatments for infections and abscess that work as quickly as antibiotics with no side effects.

Because the teeth directly affects every part of the human body, it is important for each person to take responsibility to learn all they can about how to properly care for their teeth and how to holistically treat their teeth, gums, and jaws in the event their dental health is currently or in future need of a dental procedure.

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