Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Unknown Medical Causes Are Well-Known Clinical Nutrition Causes!

"Does your little Johnny (or Mary) remind you of the Energizer Bunny? He keeps going and going and going!

Does he throw violent temper tantrums?
Have a short attention span?
Show an inability to sit still or concentrate?
Have a hostile attitude?”

Maybe Johnny Is Just Being A Kid -
Testing The Limits Of Authority or Having a Bad Day?


Maybe he's suffering from what is today referred to as Attention Deficient Disorder or Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder (ADD/ADHD).

Or Just Maybe

...Unknown Medical Causes Are Well-Known Clinical Nutrition Causes!

It is a scientific fact that a medical diagnosis for ADD is based upon the patient’s symptoms alone as there is no scientific psychological testing for ADD in itself, though there is scientific proof for “physical” causes that produce the psychological symptoms of ADD. There are seven causes for the symptoms of ADD, which are often undetected through medical testing and examination, primarily because a medical interpretation of laboratory and other medical testing does not identify most of these causes, and those that can be identified, physicians do not associate with these causes of the symptoms of ADD.

Ritalin and other ADD drugs will never cure ADD.

They will, however, cause drug addiction and damage to brain cells and tissue. The result is brain damage, which is worse than the symptoms of ADD.

This article reports on each of the seven causes of ADD, which can be safely and effectively corrected through three different non-medical therapies! One or more therapy may be needed, depending upon your specific causes.

To learn what these three therapies are, you may read the complete article, at the following web address. Scroll down to the "Document Library" for a list of articles.

Then click on the "Mental Health" tab in the left-column Table of Contents to review the "Marketing of Madness" videos. You will be shocked and angry at this strategic marketing campaign of the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries. Spread the word!! We are all at risk if the truth is not known.