Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Unknown Medical Causes Are Well-Known Clinical Nutrition Causes!

"Does your little Johnny (or Mary) remind you of the Energizer Bunny? He keeps going and going and going!

Does he throw violent temper tantrums?
Have a short attention span?
Show an inability to sit still or concentrate?
Have a hostile attitude?”

Maybe Johnny Is Just Being A Kid -
Testing The Limits Of Authority or Having a Bad Day?


Maybe he's suffering from what is today referred to as Attention Deficient Disorder or Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder (ADD/ADHD).

Or Just Maybe

...Unknown Medical Causes Are Well-Known Clinical Nutrition Causes!

It is a scientific fact that a medical diagnosis for ADD is based upon the patient’s symptoms alone as there is no scientific psychological testing for ADD in itself, though there is scientific proof for “physical” causes that produce the psychological symptoms of ADD. There are seven causes for the symptoms of ADD, which are often undetected through medical testing and examination, primarily because a medical interpretation of laboratory and other medical testing does not identify most of these causes, and those that can be identified, physicians do not associate with these causes of the symptoms of ADD.

Ritalin and other ADD drugs will never cure ADD.

They will, however, cause drug addiction and damage to brain cells and tissue. The result is brain damage, which is worse than the symptoms of ADD.

This article reports on each of the seven causes of ADD, which can be safely and effectively corrected through three different non-medical therapies! One or more therapy may be needed, depending upon your specific causes.

To learn what these three therapies are, you may read the complete article, at the following web address. Scroll down to the "Document Library" for a list of articles.

Then click on the "Mental Health" tab in the left-column Table of Contents to review the "Marketing of Madness" videos. You will be shocked and angry at this strategic marketing campaign of the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries. Spread the word!! We are all at risk if the truth is not known.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Congratulations Cousin Prince William & his lovely bride, Catherine

What a lovely wedding and best wishes to both of you. Welcome Catherine to the family! I am so blessed that Cousin William and Catherine chose my father, Gene's birthday, April 29th, for their wedding date. Prince William and I both share a loss, he his mother and my cousin Princess Diana and I, my father. So having his wedding day on April 29th has an additional and very special meaning to me.

Yes, I am an American and Princess Diana and Princes William and Harry are my cousins in England!

Would you like to hear some history on my family?

Okay, Let's go back to 1600 in Surrey, England. With part of the Adams' Family accompanying him, Henry Adams sailed to America on board his son, Captain John Adams' ship. From this blood line, came my grandfather Samuel Adams, the Father of the American Revolution of 1776, and Uncle, President John Adams and Cousin, President John Quincy Adams, respectively.

Princess Diana, hence Princes William and Harry, are descendants of Henry Adams from those in the Adams family who chose to stay in England, and I and my son, Matthew "Matt," are descendants from Henry Adams, who came to America.

When Princess Diana died, bless her, and the media was flooded with probably every picture that had ever been taken of her, William and Harry up to that date, I purchased a few of the 'album' style magazines on her life. It was amazing the number of photos of Diana, that looked either like me when I was her age (I am 10 years her Senior), or looked like two of my four sisters, Cindy or Terri. We three are the older of the five, starting with me, Cindy, and then Terri. Additionally, some pictures of William looked like my son, Matt and Cindy's son, Jeff.

I am delighted that William has honored his mother's wise words of marrying the woman he loves, who was his best friend first, and passing to Catherine, as her engagement ring, the ring Diana left him.

I am very proud of William and Catherine. They have established a solid foundation for a life-long, fulfilling, loving and happy life together, and I am delighted to celebrate this special day in honor of you both, in honor of Diana, and the excellent mother she was to William and Harry, which is so evident by William courtship and marriage to Catherine "Kate" Middleton and in honor of my father, Everett Eugene Ferguson. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Migraines for 30 Yrs & Diarrhea for 15 Yrs Gone - Thanks To Dr. Smith

Surfing the internet is like receiving a wrapped gift, you never know what wonderful surprises you find in it. I serendipitously came across this "Review" of my business services posted anonymously by one of my patients in an online business directory, who had posted information about my business, This is what this patient shared in her review comments and it certainly demonstrates the healing power of clinical nutrition and naturopathic therapy.


“I had severe migraines for 30 years and chronic diarrhea for 15 years. Dr. Smith did nutritional testing and put me on whole food supplements. Within 6 months I got rid of the diarrhea. Within 3 months I started noticing the migraines were getting less frequent. Within a year I no longer had migraines. It is now 4, nearly 5 years later and the only headaches I have are my husband and kids and I can't remember the last time I had diarrhea!!!!!


If you would like to receive FREE Clinical Nutrition Education, as well as learn more about our clinical nutrition and naturopathic "therapeutic" services, please visit my website. While browsing, I also invite you to subscribe to my newsletter, "HealthQuest e-News," which is also a great source for ongoing free education.


To update you on what has been consuming my time since the new year started, I have written six (6) new e-books. Actually, I have completed five of them and listed them below for your review and am currently near completion of the sixth e-book. Hence, one of the reasons this has been my first blog for the year.


The sixth e-book is called "Health Chest" with a sub-titled, "Updating Your Medicine Chest to a Health Chest." In medicine, they have a Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) on drugs for acute symptoms, so you can think of my "Health Chest" as a Nutritional and Naturopathic Desk Reference (NNDR) of 100 Remedies for acute symptoms that have been used safely and effectively by myself, personally, my family and I have been professionally recommending them to my patients/clients -- some as far back as when I first opened my business 30 years ago in November 1981.


Acute Symptoms are sudden, unexpected symptoms, such as when you get the flu, wake up with a toothache, burn yourself, etc. Health Chest also includes herbal first-aide for fast and effective help when you injure yourself or, for example, when bitten by insects, mosquitoes, a bee, wasp or spider.


Health Chest also includes what to do if you ever found yourself having or with someone who is having a "heart attack" that could literally save a person's life while waiting for Emergency Medical Assistance. Living in Texas, where people like to hunt, my book includes information about which herbs to use as a poultice if wounded from a gun shot, or you have any skin sore, boil or have cut yourself. A poultice is mixing powder and liquid herbs together to make a paste, then applying this on the injured or infected skin, bandaging it, and adding new poultice daily until healed.


For example, one of my clients contacted me about a week ago, her beloved dog of 11 years is dying of cancer, which she was unaware of until Yaga had a tumor appear on his face, which burst, bleed profusely and left a big hole (sore). The hole/sore on his face had been there for weeks and was not healing. She contacted me for what to do and I recommended my Basic Herbal Poultice. Within 24 hours, new skin was growing and closing the hole and the sore was healing. Within three days it was 50% healed, and in less than a week, it was completely healed. Yes, the information in my Health Chest e-book works for adults, children, infants, and animals, too.

So far my book is 150 pages and it should be completed by the end of April or first week of May, 2011.

Once done it will be posted on the "E-Books by Dr. Smith" web page in my website. These Remedies Really Work! In their effectiveness they are worth their weight in Gold because they are priceless and timeless. As they say, you can take this educational information "to the Bank." It is that reliable! No Side Effects! And the over-all health of your body is even better after using them than it was before.


For a list of some of the acute symptoms for which you will find remedies in my Health Chest ebook, you may type this web page address into your internet browser to access this list.


Also if you would like to read my Advertisement Flyers with information and fees for each of my five completed e-books listed below, please type the below web page address into your internet browser:


Thank you for your continued interest in my blog and patience in awaiting this post due to the time that was required for my e-book writing and assisting all our new patients and clients who wanted to get on track with their New Year's Resolution by improving their health through clinical nutrition therapy and through our Personal Education Program, learn the principles of healing and health maintenance so they may stay healthy for the rest of their lives.


Thank you, also, for visiting my blog and I look forward to hearing from you soon, either by receiving a new subscriber notification that you have subscribed to my newsletter, contacting us to schedule your Free Inquiry Consultation so I may share how I can help you improve your health, and/or by email or blog comment.

Have a blessed day!

Dr. Donna


• Anti-Aging Personal Care Program (Hair, Skin, and Nails) – 18 Pages

• Dental Health Program – The Dangers of Traditional Dentistry and an Introduction to Holistic Dentistry (169 pages – articles, charts, forms and therapeutic supplement information for acute symptoms (toothaches), chronic dental health challenges (abscesses, gum disease) and dental health (how to internally repair and strengthen teeth and gum).

• Fibromyalgia – A Clinical Nutrition Syndrome” (68 Pages).

• Dr. Smith’s Hair Color Restoration Program – Anti-Grey Solutions (59 Pages).

• Lyme’s Disease – Clinical Nutrition Approach To Healing (32 Pages).