Friday, December 11, 2009

Vitamin D Deficiency Facts / Fiction

To view Dr. Smith's article on Vitamin D Deficiency - Facts and Fiction, copy and paste the following address:

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You will receive answer to questions, such as:
1. Why Blood Tests alone do not determine if you truly have a Vitamin D Deficiency.
2. The only Vitamin D Supplement safe and effective for daily intake for the public, along with the dosages.
3. Which tests determine Vitamin D Deficiency and other tests to determine whether your Vitamin D is being converted, activated, metabolized and transported to the cells, otherwise, you can have the symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency, even if you have sufficient Vitamin D.
4. The role, function and symptoms of Vitamin D.
5. The statistics on Vitamin D - such as 40% of Americans have a Vitamin D Deficiency.
and much more!!