Thursday, February 19, 2009

FMS - Twitter Follow-Up & How To Get Started Helping Your Body Heal!

I just answered your twitter replies. I posted the message to twitter and below in my blog after reading a post you two made earlier, so am delighted to hear from you. I love Twitter, but too little space to converse. Please read my article on FMS, and then post your ? here and I will answer back. Bottom line is that you do not have to continue to suffer as you have been. There is cause and effect even in FMS, so their is a solution. My article shares my first case history with you, even showing you comparision test results.

There are a number of underlying causes that often get labeled as FMS, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Auto Immune, Adrenal Failure and so on, because of similarities in symptoms. The bottom line of improving your health no matter what you have been "label" is all the same - cellular repair and regeneration - help your body grow healthy new cells, raise nutrient deficiencies that are "clinically" low, balance your biochemistry, detoxify germs, metals, chemical and other toxins from your body that are inflaming your cells and tissue and causing more pain. I can show you how to do this and how to make it affordable to you.

My Internet Tech is working on my site so to afford any unconstruction messages, go directly to the web page -- www.advancedclinicalnutrition/newsletterarticles.html

While there be sure to read my article titled, "What Is Inside Our Cells Proves Drugs Don't Heal!" and look at the Cell Metabolism Slide. These will give you a "get started" foundation of information re where I am coming from, and I have not had a chance to write about some other key factors involved in all of the above, so will share them as they come up in conversation or as it applies to you.

Additionally, it is important to know the difference between "Clinical" Nutrition and Dietetics - on my website I define the difference between them on the web page:

When in my website, you can click on About the Company for my degrees, education and training. Check back to my web site as the entire design is changing and I have written over 90 articles, had many of them published and just learned how to post them on my website, so will be adding more as time goes on.

I also just wrote my 55th issue of my newsletter as an e-newsletter and will be glad to add you to my e-mailing list if you want to stay on top of the latest research in clinical nutrition. I was amazed one day years ago, when I realized what I learn at our International and America Association of Clinical Nutritionists Scientific Symposiums, each year, does not become public knowledge until 10-30 years later. So my clients always have the information first either through my newsletter or at their appointments, when the research applies to their own health challenges.

I will be checking back to answer any questions posted. Please be encouraged that there is hope and there is help. As you read the first web page in my web site -, I think you will understand why I say this. Be assured that I am not asking you to take anything I say by faith or even to believe a word I am saying here, as Harv Eker says. Even though I have over 30 years of experience helping people and I know the truth behind what I am sharing with you - because I have experienced it - remember this is my truth - it does not make it right, wrong, false or true, it simply makes it my experience. And though this information has transformed my life and helped thousands of people before you, still I am sharing with you out of my truth. What is important here, is you. So what I am asking of you is to read what I have shared with you - if it makes sense to you - then the next step is to take the appropirate steps to experience for yourself that clinical nutrition and naturopathy works and has been the missing key to helping you.

Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics is foundational to the healing of the human mind and body. Until this is in place in your body - all other therapies, massage, stress reduction, drugs, exercise, physical therapy, acupuncture, etc. are a help to reduce pain and stress -- but they do not heal at a cellular level which is the only way the body heals. You have already experienced this truth for yourself--if everything you have done so far was all your body needed to heal, we would not be having this conversation.

On last thing, what is sold to the public as vitamins, minerals and other food supplements are not formulated for clinical use, but for health maintenance, at the most. So if you have tried taking vitamins, minerals, etc. from stores or mail order, and they have helped (or not helped), they fall into the same category as the therapies above - they are not designed for cellular repair and healing - they are not potent enough. Read about "Therapeutic, clinically-formulated, whole food vitamins/minerals and other food supplements" in my website.

Okay, I have laid it all out for you -- what I say here either makes sense to you and you want to know more; or it does not. You will find that I am very direct and truthful.

If it does, and you want to know more. Post some questions and let's get to work turning your health around so you can start feeling better in just a few weeks, and be on the road to helping your body heal itself once and for all! The latter of which will take months to accomplish, but your symptoms will begin to leave in 3-6 weeks, once you are giving your body what it needs to heal and you understand how to stop interfering with its healing processes.!

The good news is you no longer have to feel like a butterfly, with a broken wing, who has to flitter from one therapy to the another because though they help, they are never enough.

Clinical Nutrition is enough, because Clinical Nutrition Works!

Have a blessed day!

P.S. I have out of town family coming in tomorrow, so I will check back for your posting asap. Meanwhile, you have your homework outlined above (LOL).

P.P.S. Oh yes, one of the first questions people ask is can I afford your help? Well my direct answer is "you cannot afford not to have my help (LOL), because what I do works. And ask yourself how much money, time and energy have invested in the past and are doing so now, on drugs and other therapies, and still not getting all the help you need?"

Putting my candor aside, and talking just financially -- I provide my services to work within everyone's financial budget - think of it this way, the more of my services you can afford, the faster your body heals, the less, the slower. However, the real point here are the words "your body heals," so yes you can afford me.

And no matter what program I have designed for the individualized biochemistry of the clients whom I have helped before you (the fast and the slow), all of my clients started feeling better in 3-6 weeks, so I am quite confident you will too.

Again, have a blessed day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FMS Article - Clinical Nutrition Works

Tonight I was twittering and read a conversation between two ladies sharing their suffering with FMS - my heart went out to them. I hope they find the way to my article on FMS at I have successfully help my clients with FMS to improve their health without drugs by showing them how to help their body heal at a cellular level using clinical nutriton. In my article on FMS, I share my first case history and the test results. Joe went from being in a wheel chair to golfing in two months.