Saturday, May 2, 2009

HealthQuest e-News Issue 56, May 2009

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why I Will Never Get A Flu Shot, Swine or Otherwise

Below are several reasons why I would never get a flu shot (swine or otherwise), what has led me to this decision and what I do instead.

1. The Fallacy of Vaccinations.

What led to me to this decision evolved from research I discovered some years ago on how the facts that poor sanitation and malnutrition are the true cause of all epidemic diseases (past and present), from which came the birth of vaccinations.

The vaccination principle is to inject the person with the germ (whether virus, bacteria, staph, streph, etc. from swine or another source) on the theory that the person's immune system will produce anti-bodies to kill the injected germs and still be there in some distant, future time whenever the person is exposed to the germ again.

Good theory, but several future factors were never considered. Most of all is -- the elevated state of malnutrition which has continued to escalate since the introduction of industrialized foods (food processing, junk/fast foods, chemical food additives) as well as the daily use of over-the-counter or prescribed drugs -- all of which cause malnutrition.

A malnourished body is not strong enough to produce the anti-bodies required to tackle current, much less, future germ exposures. Do your own research on the statistics of how many people get the flu from flu shots and how many actually die from vaccinations of all kinds.

Now add to this, how many of our nation's children are now autistic or mentally/physically challenged due to the damage from infant and childhood vaccinations. (The Supreme Court has ruled last year, I believe, on vaccinations being a cause of autism) To think of injecting germs and toxins into little bodies, not yet fully developed in their digestive or immune systems, is heart-breaking. Their little bodies have no defense at all.

Remember that the bottom-line is: vaccinations are giving you the disease for which you are being vaccinated. This is not acceptable to me, for my body, nor for my family.

2. Keeping My Immune System (My Body) Strong and Healthy Is The Best Defense

It is a more sound principle to:

a. Keep my environment, sanitary (get rid of clutter, clean home, yards and garage on a weekly-monthly basis instead of just when company is coming, and I stopped using products, that contain chemicals, to clean my body (skin, hair, teeth, etc.), as well as the linens and furnishings in my home/office.

b. Because there are many factors that are always trying to compromise my nutritional health state, on an ongoing basis, I monitor and correct vitamin deficiencies to keep my immune system strong through periodic clinical nutrition analysis (testing) of my nutritional biochemistry (more on this in the right column). Some of the factors that compromise my nutritional health state -- when exposed to pollution in my air, food or water at the facilities I visit when running business or personal errands, homes of some family/friends, eating at restaurants, mental/emotional stressors, when I under- or over-exercise, etc.

I also complete a whole food and herbal full body detoxification/cleansing program 1-2 times a year for internal spring cleaning, so to speak, of my liver, gall bladder, kidneys, bladder, lymphatics, small and large intestines, etc.

In other words, you want to improve your own state of malnutrition, so you do not attract the germs for which you are considering vaccination. To read about how you attract germs into your body, yes, even the parasites of swine, what is the purpose of germs in our world, etc. go to my article on Parasites at

This is what I do on an ongoing basis, and since 1981, I have been providing vitamin deficiency testing, lifestyle consultations and designing therapeutic, whole food supplement programs to help others do the same.

3. In Acute Attacks - I use some very specific homeopathics, herbs and whole food vitamins.

What if I suddenly get attacked by a germ? I have, on-hand at all times, the homeopathics, herbs and whole foods vitamins/minerals I need for prevention and to deal with emergency situations. For example, the minute I feel a tingle or scratch in my throat, I spray my throat with a specific herbal spray that digests the germs right on the spot and does not let it go further into my tissue.

If for some reason, I did not feel the initial attack or exposure to use the spray, and I wake up, say at 3 a.m., with a runny nose, coughing, achy, head or chest congestion, etc., the usual symptoms of germ exposure, I have strong, but safe, therapeutic homeopathics and herbs that I take and within 24 hours I am feeling better and within 2-3 days, I am back to normal.

I and my family have been doing this since 1974 and I have been coaching clients in how to do this since 1981.

The bottom-line for me is I would rather keep my environment clean and chemical free, AND my body strong with periodic nutritional biochemistry testing and therapeutic, whole food, herb and homeopathic supplements, so that I do not attract the germs in the first place.

Because I am not in control of everything in my life, I would rather keep on hand, powerful therapeutic homeopathic and herbal remedies that are safe for me (my body), but not for these germs vs. vaccinations, which are not safe for either of us (me or the germs).

I have been following this protocol with success since 1974. If you are interested in how to do the same, please feel free to give me a call at (940) 761-4045 and I will be glad to coach you, too.