Thursday, June 11, 2009

Royal Pains - "Get A PaceMaker So You Can Eat All The Junk Food You Want."

Years back I heard an Alert Message come across my television announcing a new medical breakthrough, "Research now reveals that what you eat affects the health of your body!" WOW!!!!!

Now, if none of the parts of your car are broken, then the mechanic is going to look for causes in what kind of fuel, oil, lubricant, etc. you are feeding your car. But somehow, our leading system for the treatment of the human body evidently had overlooked this basic principle until only a decade or so when this Medical Breakthrough was announced.

So, truly, I thought I had heard everything. Tonight, I realized I was wrong.

In the background, my TV is tuned to new show called, "Royal Pains," as I am diligently working at my computer, updating and proofing my website - a job that has been an ongoing project in my spare time (what's that?) for months now, with the help of a fabulously-brillant Internet Tech, Michael Zingalie (Hamilin, NY), who is doing wonders with the limitations of the website host and template I chose a few years back, due to my limited computer knowledge.

Anyway, back to Royal Pains -- this episode is about a retiring ballerina who passes out when she eats certain carbohydrates. The Star Doctor's solution, and I quote: (To the Ballerina, he says) "Get a pacemaker and you can eat all the junk food you want."

I almost fell out of my chair, it is good thing it has rollers. LOL.

Consider this ballerina's training - heavy on the exercise; light on the junk food (if any). I am generalizing here, but athletes generally know more about how to train, physically, than they know about how to feed the body to support the nutrient depletion occurring, due to their taxing (stressing) exercise and physical training routine. (Note: if they don't stress those muscles, etc., they cannot perfect their skill).

Though, athletes do, generally, know to avoid junk food, knowing which healthy foods and supplements (and the amounts) to take to match their level of physical output, is much less known. How many athletes (or their trainers) know about getting their nutritional biochemistry tested first to scientifically monitor what they need or don't need? -- Outcome -- they weaken their heart, and other organs/glands, due to guessing, instead of testing, for what they need.

So the star doctor's diagnosis was that her heart reacted to the junk food carbs, she was now eating, since her retirement meant she did not have to be so careful with her diet. To me, it should be obvious that a body not use to junk food would, if junk food was eaten, react to it and thus, stress a weak heart, and so don't eat the junk food.

However, His Medical Solution: A Pacemaker.

Real Solution: Don't eat junk food (period - weak heart or not). Get a clinical nutrition analysis of her biochemistry to determine what she is deficient in and then eat the foods and take the therapeutic, whole food supplements that strengthen the heart. At this level of deficiency, foods alone would not be sufficient to correct "clinical" deficiencies of the heart.

But what do I know, I only have a Ph.D in Clinical Nutrition, not a medical degree.

Do I sound cynical? It is not my nature to be. It is just that after almost 30 years of getting to the real cause of disease, and with the obvious public awareness that has been emerging since the 1970's that cellular nutrient deficiencies, chemical and heavy metal toxicity, and poor hygiene are the true causes of disease, I am amazed that the system that has dominated health care in the U.S. (for just the last century, by the way) still looks to surgical intervention (a quick fix) so people can continue to abuse and neglect the proper care of the human body.

The human body was designed to specifically operate, heal and repair itself, however, it can only do this when it receives what it requires to do its job -- i.e., macro- and micro-nutrients, in the right quality and quantity to support the level of activity of that human body and when that person, who owns that body, stops interfering with their innate healing process (i.e., stop ingesting chemical additive, trans-fatty acid, processed and alternated foods, commonly called, junk foods) Nothing else will ever truly "fix" the problem.

In all fairness, I must continue to say that pacemakers and other medical interventions are important medical breakthroughs and have their place in our health care system -- that place is true emergencies, like, for example -- had this ballerina been in a car accident and damaged her heart in a way that only a pacemaker would save her life.

But getting a pacemaker so you can eat junk food????
Come on.... Wake up America.......

Okay, you may be thinking -- it is a TV Show - it's not real?
Really? Are you sure? Let's ask the Show's Medical Adviser?

To my Blog Followers, clients and friends who read my blog regularly, - I am truly venting to the choir (similar to preaching to the choir). You know what I mean here as you are among the enlightened who have witnessed these same observations. So thank you for allowing me the space and audience to vent.

By the way, if you are reading this blog in real time, this Royal Pains episode is repeating in itself in 26 minutes (that would be 12 midnite, my time - C.S.T.). If you get a chance to watch this now or later, I want to thank you in advance for reading this blog, watching this episode and giving me your opinion (feedback) - see comments. Nightie-Night!