Saturday, April 25, 2009

Successful Business Relocation

It is hard to believe that it has been a month since I last blogged. The previous date was March 26, the day we started relocating my business - closing our clinic and moving the business home. We are now providing our business as a home-based, mail-order clinical nutrition testing and consultation service for local, as well as our long-distance clients. I decided that after 27 years in a clinic-setting, seeing in-office patients as well as providing our services by mail to long-distance clients, that I would discontinue the in-office services and use this time to write books and more articles, etc.

I love hearing the birds chirping outside my window, watching the fish swimming in the pond when I take an outdoor break, and listening to the waterfall as I work.

I want to thank all my local clients who are being supportive in this change.


  1. Thnaks Dr. Donna. I total understand the moving a business home. It is nice to be able to just go down stairs to work in the shop rather than drive a few miles. In my case I can work a little in the shop and a little in the office.

    Good luck with your new setup.

  2. Thank you rocknrod, it is a delight to work from home again. Originally, since the establishment of my vitamin deficiency testing, dietary and lifestyle consulting business in 1981, I had a home-based business for the convenience of rearing and home-schooling my son, in addition to providing my clinical nutrition business, all the while, having plans to separate home from business upon my son's graduation. After 5 years of separation, now, I have missed my home-based business for multiple reasons, including the one you shared -- no more driving, and glad to bring my business home again. Thanks again for taking time to share your comments.