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Infertility 2 of 2 - What Is Required To Birth A Healthy Baby.

Due to the length of this article on Infertility, the information is provided in two blog postings.


Blog Post #1 includes:
1. Purpose and Introduction (Lack of Public Education in Prevention of Infertility)
2. Two Success Stories From Dr. Smith's Actual Case Histories
3. Toxicity and Malnutrition Defined
4. Male and Female Considerations
5. Typical Scenario For Women Today

Blog Post #2 includes:
6. Two Frequent Causes of Infertility And Other Male or Female Symptoms
7. Hormone Imbalance
8. Testing For the Causes of Infertility
9. Correcting the Causes as Identified In Testing
10.Dr. Smith's Own Success Story
11.Conclusion and Invitation to Meet Your Own Baby


1. Malnutrition - In Blog Post #1, some of the causes and adverse affects of malnutrition was explained, in addition to, laying the foundation of understanding that malnutrition is the root cause of all illnesses and diseases, except those resulting from accidental or violent injury (such as from an personal assault, chemical poisoning or war-time injury) and inherent weaknesses.
However, though malnutrition may not be the cause of an inherent weaknesses or disease in an organ or gland of someone living today, it is a logical assumption that malnutrition of those who came before, a malnourished inherent bloodline, is a root cause of why the person living today has their inherent weaknesses and diseases.
Malnutrition at a cellular and tissue level adversely affects biochemical balance, such as causing an imbalance in hormone production, due to its long-term adverse affect on the healthy function of the organ or gland producing male and female hormones. This applies to the organ or gland production of adrenal, thyroid or any hormone or other substance, such as insulin from the pancreas, anti-bodies to fight infection, etc.

2. Toxicity - Toxicity has been defined above, as well as Male sperm toxicity, so let's look at female toxicity:

a. Toxic Uterine Lining - When the lining of the uterus is toxic, the body rejects the egg or inhibits the egg from maturing the fetus. The toxicity in the lining can also destroys the egg or fetus, depending on which phase of development it was in at time of destruction.
At Advanced Clinical Nutrition, our services assists clients in detoxifying cells and tissue, and provides nutrients required to grow (regenerate)new healthy cells and tissue in male sperm and female uterus lining, entire male and female reproductive systems and overall health improvement.
Fertility clinics can plant the egg, but the body may reject it if the uterus lining is severely toxic. Even if the toxicity of the uterine lining is not severe enough to reject the egg and the eggs get implanted, this toxicity is passed onto the egg and can abort (miscarriage) the fetus at a later stage in the pregnancy. Again, if the severity of toxicity and malnutrition is not severe enough to miscarry, it may still be severe enough to cause the birth of a deformed or disabled child.
Also, the embedded eggs that were rejected (aborted or destroyed) by the toxic uterine lining, stay in the lining and rot. The rotted eggs cause infections that can further contribute to miscarriage and birth defects, as well as lead to future health challenges for the mother, and lead to complications in future pregnancies.


Malnutrition and Toxicity in the cells and tissues of the organs and glands responsible for producing hormones can causes sub-clinical (insufficient), clinical (deficient) and chronic (severe) Hormone Imbalance. Any stage, from sub-clinical to chronic), hormone imbalance can cause infertility and/or any other male and female symptom of illness and disease. The more severe the hormone balance the more severe the symptoms.

For example, in infertility, a woman who cannot conceive has a more severe hormone imbalance than a woman who miscarries, and a woman who miscarries has a more severe hormone imbalance that a woman who births a baby with birth defects.

Everything we do in the proper care of the human mind and body is a progression towards or the maintenance of health; consequently the lack of proper care (malnourishment and toxicity)is a progression towards disease. The daily choices each person makes determines which direction they are progressing.

In the progress of disease, there are varying stages of imbalance and dysfunctions along with way, produce the same symptoms in varying degrees, as the symptoms of disease. After all, remember that the root cause of all diseases is malnutrition and toxicity. Biochemical imbalances, such as hormone imbalances, and organ/gland dysfunctions are just less severe progressive stages towards disease.

This why clinical and sub-clinical Hormone imbalances cannot be identified in a medical interpretation of biochemical testing (blood, saliva, hair, urine, etc.). However, they can be identified a clinical nutrition interpretation.

Hormone imbalance will inhibit any one or more of the phases in the process of getting pregnant, developing the egg, carrying the fetus to full term and/or birthing a healthy baby – any of these phases can be halted if the hormones required to complete the phase is deficient or excessive. For example:

a. Hormone production (LH, FSH) begins in the brain, in the hypothalamus, pituitary and thymus glands. An imbalance of these hormones, in time, affect the production of all other hormones.

b. Estrogen production. In the first cycle of the female reproductive system, estrogen deficiency can inhibit to development of the egg? Thus, estrogen sufficiency must be established through clinical nutrition therapy to conceive. Estrogen excess can cause the development of too many eggs and the eggs that are not developed into a fetus, stay in the uterus and rot. This, then, can lead to Endometriosis, which is toxic uterine cells in the uterus lining that grow outside the uterine cavity. Endometriosis is a frequent cause of infertility.

c. Ovulation – Challenges in conception can also be caused by the timing in the elevation of estrogen and the decline of progesterone. If this does not happen appropriately in the 12-14 day of the menstruation cycle, conception can be inhibited.

d. Progesterone production. In the second cycle of the female reproduction system, progesterone deficiency (or drug suppression) can inhibit the the egg from developing the fetus and affects its maturity to full term. Once a woman discontinues birth control pills, it can take six months or longer for the body to recover from progesterone suppression to resume the incline of progesterone in this second cycle, if possible. A clinical nutrition therapeutic supplement program will assist the body in recovery from progesterone drug suppression and producing sufficient progesterone.

e. Mineral deficiencies. One of the primary purposes of minerals is to transport hormones and other substances, such as insulin from the pancreas, ingested proteins, etc., to the cells. Therefore, even if the male or female reproductive glands are producing sufficient hormones, mineral deficiencies in the specific minerals that transport male and female hormones to the cells will cause hormone imbalances and thus, contribute to infertility and/or other male and female hormone-related symptoms.

Note: Hormone imbalance, therefore, can be caused by dysfunctional production of hormones in any one or more of the following: pituitary, hypothalmus, thymus, male and female glands, as well as mineral deficiencies, and thereby, lead to infertility and/or any other hormone-related symptom for females, such as mood swings, irregular menstruation cycles, menstrual cramping and pain, spasms, breast and uterine cancer, etc., and for males, such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, low sperm count, testicle and prostate cancer, etc.

f. Other Hormone production. There are other hormones, besides male and female hormones, involved in the healthy function of the male and female production system. For example, adrenal hormones. Ongoing mental, emotional and physical stress, in time, results in a depletion of any one or more of the adrenal hormones. Their purpose is to help the body adapt to stress and/or take action in times of extreme stress (fight or flight), such as to defend oneself or to run from danger. Therefore, whether the adrenal hormone imbalance is caused by dysfunctional adrenal gland production or the insufficient or deficient minerals to transport adrenal hormones to the cells, the result is the same...female and male hormone balance.


As previously discussed above, a clinical nutrition analysis or interpretation is different from a medical interpretation. A clinical nutrition analysis identifies clinical and sub-clinical nutrient deficiencies, biochemical imbalances and organ, gland and body system dysfunction -- all of which, precedes the disease stage of this degenerative process.

Therefore, testing for infertility and/or the cause of any symptom of male/female hormone imbalance, malnutrition or toxicity requires a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of a Tissue Mineral Hair test, blood testing, saliva adrenal stress index test and an expanded saliva hormone test for males and for females.

1. The Tissue Mineral Hair Analysis identifies whether the minerals required to transport male, female and adrenal hormones are deficient. It also identifies heavy metal toxicity from ingesting metals from polluted air, food or water.

2. Female and Male Saliva Hormone Testing will identify if the brain is producing sufficient LH and FSH hormones, Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone or which ones are deficiency and adversely affecting the couples ability to conceive, develop the egg, mature the fetus, carry the baby to full-term and updating tests post-delivery assists me in designing therapeutic supplement and dietary programs to help the mother recover from delivery to maintain health and be ready for the next pregnancy.

3. Adrenal Saliva Hormone Testing will identify if the adrenals are producing the hormones required for male and female hormone balance.

4. Blood Testing is required to identify if

a. liver and kidney function - if they are toxic and dysfunctional, they keep sending more toxic substances to the cells, which promotes toxic cells and tissue in the uterus lining, uterus cavity and produces toxic sperm, etc.

b. electrolytes are balanced – electrolytes are needs to help the communications between the cells which affects timing.

c. germs in the body – In addition to what was presented above in the Toxicity section of this blog, germs can cause further malnutrition as they eat foods being ingested to nourish cells and tissue and cause infection in the cells, tissue, organs and glands, which affect their function and inhibit the healthy development of the egg, fetus and full-term development of a healthy baby. Homeopathics and herbs are dispensed to clients to digest germs, whether the germ is viral, bacteria, worms, or yeast overgrowth. Herbs are used to re-establish intestinal flora (friendly bacteria) that is destroyed by anti-biotics and other drugs. Additionally, yeast overgrowth that can destroy the egg, when severe, or be transferred to the baby. Many women today experience Candida as vaginal yeast infections and yeast overgrowth in men is evident in infections of the testicles or prostate glands and/or athletes feet. In the newborn, yeast is often evident by a white film on the tongue, called "thrush."

d. the quality of the blood is also very important – the blood needs to be nutrient-rich as blood is what feeds the fetus and promotes the healthy development of the baby. The blood is also what determines the nutrient value of the sperm. So, the chemistry of the blood needs to be balanced or greatly improved before getting pregnant.

Any one or more of the above factors can cause a couple to have a difficult time getting and staying pregnant, birthing a healthy baby, and recovering from pregnancy.


At Advanced Clinical Nutrition, we provide all of the above testing for both male and female biochemistry and from a clinical nutrition analysis of the test results, the following clinical nutrition and naturopathic therapeutic programs are designed to correct the abnormal nutritional test findings.

1. A Therapeutic, Whole Food Supplement Program is designed to raise clinical and sub-clinical nutritional deficiencies or detoxify excessive vitamins and minerals, balance biochemistry and improve the function of the organs, glands and body systems for both males and females to produce hormone production. Therapeutic supplementation is available only through nutritional healthcare practitioners and are clinically-formulated to correct the abnormal nutritional findings on the above biochemical tests.

Each therapeutic, whole food supplement program is designed to improve the individual's biochemistry and prepare it for conception and overall health improvement for future conceptions.

Therapeutic supplement programs are revised and updated, according to monitoring the results from updating biochemical tests, to assure continued success in the progress of growing new healthy cells and tissues, balancing biochemistry and improving organ/gland function to bring the pregnancy to full term, to prevent complications in labor and delivery and assist in post-delivery recovery.

2. A Dietary Analysis and Therapeutic Dietary Plan - A Dietary Analysis of the above biochemical tests provides the basis for designing a Therapeutic Dietary Plan. Foods are selected based upon their food chemistry as it affects the individual's biochemistry, in other words, foods that assist in the balancing biochemistry and hormones and avoidance of foods that cause toxicity. For example, if Glucose is elevated in the blood, carrots would not appear in the individual's dietary plan. Though carrots are a healthy food, they are high in natural sugars and can perpetuate elevated Glucose.

3, In addition to, the therapeutic supplement programs and dietary plans, as described above, the couple is coached in developing a principle-centered dietary and health-promoting lifestyle. Principle-centered means dietary and lifestyle practices that are based on the Laws of Biochemistry, Biology, Physics, etc. This is important to support optimal health attained through their therapeutic supplement and dietary programs, so the couple will also:

a. be prepared for future pregnancies,

b. extend their longevity to live longer with their families,

c. be a example of principle-centered healthy living for their children to model. Thereby, helping their children to grow up healthy, improve hereditary biological health challenges to prevent passing on more severe hereditary health challenges to their off-spring and developing their own to pass on, as well as prevent modeling parental lifestyles that create illnesses and diseases, instead of promote health.

4. Pregnancy-Specific Programs. Once pregnant, the mother's will be monitored through updating testing and adjusting, accordingly, the Therapeutic Supplement and Dietary Plans to support her biochemistry during each Trimester, Pre- and Post-Delivery Recovery and Lactation.

a. Trimester: Providing the above for each trimester through delivery provides the best possible assurance for continued success in maintaining each stage of growth and development from egg to fetus to full-term baby.

b. Delivery: A clinical nutrition program provides the healthiest possible delivery, based on the severity of the state of the couple's biochemistry (toxicity and hormone imbalances) and the degree of improvement they accomplish prior to pregnancy, as well as the mother's commitment to her therapeutic pre-natal, pregnancy, and delivery supplement and dietary programs.

c. Post-Delivery: Commitment to their therapeutic supplement and dietary recovery program to replenish nutrients, balance hormones and biochemistry as a result of delivery assists the mother in restoring own health and being prepared for her next pregnancy, when/if desired.

d. Lactation: A clinical nutrition therapeutic supplement program and dietary plan are also provided to assure ongoing milk production and flow. In other words, to prevent clogging of milk ducts or provide a gentle detoxify of substances that clog them, when applicable. Lack of milk production and the ability of the milk to get through the milk ducts are the two primary reasons, mother's give up on breast-feeding, other than their concern over the appearance of their breasts after breast-feeding. Even this latter concern has a solution for the mother's who are committed to nourishing their babies with the ideal food designed for human infants and take the specific therapeutic supplements and perform the appropriate breast exercises so that their appearance is not compromised.

1) Mother's milk is the only nutrient required for infant's first 12 months; not even pure water is required. Some Pediatricians will disagree with this, if they do not have a degree in clinical nutrition and/or naturopathy. However, mother's who commit to this advice will allow their newborns to develop a healthy digestive system to prepare it for solid foods after 12 months and allow time for the mother to pass on her anti-bodies to her newborn, thus assisting her child in developing a stronger immune system. Breast-feeding before and after 12 months also promotes mental and emotional stability.

2) Because there is no drug to increase mother's milk, and pediatricians and other physicians, educated in the 20th century were not taught dietetics or clinical nutrition in medical schools, mother's have come to believe that if their milk dries up, there is nothing that can be done to promote a healthy milk flow.

5. Regarding males – it is important for them to continue a clinical nutrition program until they attain optimal health and then learn how to maintain it, so that their body is ready for the next pregnancy. This may overlap the first pregnancy if sexual intercourse is continued while the woman is pregnant with their first. Otherwise, for example, toxic sperm can interfere with the process of the first pregnancy at any stage of that process. A male can have sufficient sperm count and still have toxic sperm. However, there is a point at which the male therapeutic supplement and dietary program is completed and as long as they have made significant dietary and lifestyle changes in developing a principle-centered healthy lifestyle to sustain their health, they do not need clinical nutrition therapy with the next or any future pregnancies. However, it is always a good idea, especially if the father has not maintained a healthy lifestyle, to have clinical nutrition testing prior to each conception and correct any deficiencies, imbalances or dysfunctions present to assure the healthy conception of each child.


On a personal note: I chose the care of a mid-wife and had both a mid-wife and a Birthing Assistant in the delivery of my son, Matt, born in 1985, I followed the guidelines I am presenting here to assure a healthy pregnancy, delivery, post-delivery recovery and lactation. I was in labor for three hours and tried every position possible when in labor to determine that the most painful position was lying down. My husband applied acupressure to lumbar and upper hip positions which decreased labor pain considerable to the level of discomfort vs. severe pain.

I breast-fed my son until he was five years old. Mother's milk was his only food for the first 12 months. Then over the next nine months at three-month intervals, I introduced him to raw fruits only from age 13-15 months, then raw vegetables were introduced at age 16-18 months, plus continuing raw fruits, though never at the same time. At age 19 months, I introduced him to cooked whole grains, like oat, buckwheat, barley, rice, etc. I attempted to avoid feeding him animal proteins until he was 13 years old, according to the study and practice of naturopathy. However, only managed to avoid this until he was seven, due to cultural influences on my child.

After 12 months of exclusively mother's milk, breast-feeding for the next four years was limited to upon rising and going to sleep, and for comfort whenever he was physically or emotionally injured. As a result, my son is one of the most mentally and emotionally-balanced persons I know.

During the first year of breast-feeding, I learned of league that advertised that their formation was for the purpose of helping mothers with lactating challenges. I enthusiastically joined, looking forward to the opportunity to contribute my support, knowledge and expertise freely to this non-profit service.

Breast-milk production and clogged milk ducts were the two biggest challenges these mothers had and questions were brought up by each new member at every meeting. However, I was surprised to learn that they had by-laws limiting their recommendations to medical approaches to lactation and the league was not open to change. These by-laws prevented their leaders from sharing information about herbs that promoted healthy milk production or referral to clinical nutrition or naturopathic practitioners, which I am both, who could assist them with "clinical" challenges, like clogged milk ducts, which I was willing to provide my services freely in support of the purpose of this non-profit group.

I left this group months later, as it was too painful to observe so many mothers not getting help in their lactating challenges and not being allowed to speak freely to help them. I have not followed their progress to see if they have changed with the times.

In rearing Matt, I treated him safely and effectively with herbs, homeopathics, and whole food vitamins and minerals for all childhood diseases. They were so effective that his symptoms of each were very mild. We use herbs and homeopathics for first-aide for cuts, burns, insect bites, etc., and for his one earache. I coach my clients in doing the same.

I home-schooled Matt to promote self-reliance, self-initiative and to protect his natural curiosity and love for learning, which is difficult to sustain in a classroom setting, as well as to avoid childhood vaccinations, which are only required by law in the state of Texas, if you plan to enter your child in the public-school system. My son, Matt, is currently a healthy 24-years-old man and still a drug-free American, in the purest sense.

I am sharing my own personal success story to give my readers confidence that the information I am writing in my blog is from both my clinical experience, since 1981, when I first started my business to professionally help others succeed in improving their health, no matter what their health challenges, and from my own personal experience, since 1975, when I first started learning about herbs, dietetics, nutrition and other naturopathic therapies.


In conclusion, malnutrition and toxicity are the primary causes of infertility, hormone imbalance and other symptoms of male and female health challenges. The severity of malnutrition, toxicity and hormone imbalance determines the degree of challenges of infertiity.

A clinical nutrition analysis of the couple's individual biochemistry (blood, saliva and hair) is required to identify the causes of infertility and a therapeutic supplement and dietary plan designed, based on the abnormal nutritional findings in test results, is required to correct the causes of infertility and/or any symptom of male and female health challenges. Additionally, clinical nutrition and naturopathic therapy addresses more than sperm count in respect to male challenges in infertility.

This is why routine medical diagnosis and treatment does not provide the answers to infertility and why they have resorted to extreme measures, which may have short-term benefits, but adverse long-term consequences, the inevitable outcome of manipulating human biochemistry.

The typical scenario of women today has led to castration of our female population and ending the hopes of many couples having a baby of their own, through elective hysterectomy in young women, which is the only solution offered by physicians to endometriosis, long-term bleeding and other female health challenges, which drugs are in effective.

Our clinical nutrition services also provide coaching in developing a principle-centered healthy lifestyle to:

1. sustain optimal health attained through clinical nutrition and naturopathic therapy,

2. maintain health for the rest of their lives and extend longevity,

3. prepares the couple for future pregnancies, if so desired,

4. help parents become a healthy model for their children.

If you are a couple who has been struggling with infertility and/or other male and female health challenges, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling (940) 761-4045 and scheduling a Free Inquiry Consultation. You may also visit our website for more information about our clinical nutrition and naturopathic services. With over 90% success in helping our clients improve their health, no matter what their health challenges, I am confident that our clinical nutrition and naturopathic services can do the same for you.

Thank you in advance for your blog comments and forwarding my blog link to other couples who can benefit from this introduction and encouragement and ease their frustrations, disappointments, high medical costs and challenges in sustaining their hope that they can conceive and experience the healthy births of their own children.

Copyright 2010 Dr. Donna F. Smith

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