Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gastroesophageal Reflux - Cause and Solution

Stephanie M, Fri. May. 29, 2009, writes: "My 3 week old had Gastroesophageal reflux, the doctor gave us some medicine to give her, and a different formula for the next couple days while the medicine starts working. Is there any kind of home remedies to try with her until the medicine starts working? she's still almost constantly crying."

Dr. Smith's Reply:

The Cause -
Cindy Whittaker sent your request to me. If you are not breast feeding, then change to goat's milk only. The cause is what is being fed to the child. Formulas recommended by conventional pediatric doctors are too acid-forming.

The Solution
Dilute 100% pure Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV), like Braggs, in reverse osmosis (R.0.) purified water and give your child one teaspoon before feeding. Dilution, for example, 1/2 teaspoon of ACV in 1/2 teaspoon of purified water. You may dilute with a little more water to make less bitter, if needed, for child to tolerate. Those who use this on a regular basis are often surprised that the gastro-esophageal heals and medication was not needed.

Of course, the important step to take it stop what is causing it in the first place. For infants, it is man-made formulas; for children and adults, it is eating more acid-forming foods (meat, bread, dairy, beans, legumes, bottled or packaged foods containing chemical additives, sugar, etc.) than alkaline foods (vegetables and fruits) on a daily basis.

Age Dosages of 100% Pure Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)- Ingest Before Each Meal:

For Children:
Infants (0-1 year) - 1/2 teaspoon
1-6 years - 1 1/2 teaspoon of ACV;
7-12 years - two teaspoons of ACV;
13 years and up - give adult dosage.

For Adults, add one tablespoon of pure Apple Cider Vinegar to one cup of warm R.O. purified water and ingest before each meal. It is okay to increase the dosages, if needed, no matter what age. You may add Stevia to sweeten, if too bitter for your taste.

Doesn't Work For You?
If this recommendation does not work for your infant, child or the adult following these instructions, then the problem is more serious, i.e., at a "clinical" nutritional stage of progression, and requires more information. Therefore, please call me at (940) 761-4045.

Historical Comment
Originally, labeled as heartburn or digestion, this was changed a number of years ago to Gastroesophageal Reflux, Acid Reflux, or Gastric Reflux. However, though seemly different words, the meaning is the same. The question is why rename heartburn and indigestion for more complicated, medical terms?

After all the simple terms are definitive, the only place one can have heartburn or indigestion is in the Gastro-esophageal area of the body and it is obviously an upchuck (reflux), so why complicate it by labeling a symptom (heartburn, indigestion) a disease or medical condition (Gastroesophageal, Acid or Gastric Reflux)?

Perhaps because treating a medical condition or disease leads to higher cost Prescription Drugs (instead of over-the-counter), physician's office visits for diagnosis and follow-up, and insurance coverage. As the murder mysteries often script, "follow the money."


  1. We went to Donna in 1993 with our 2 babies who were about a year old. My adoptive son, Zachary had GERD so badly, he had been on a feeding tube for 9 months and had just come off of it a few months prior to our first visit with Donna. However, he was still on formula, having 8 breathing treatments a day and failure to thrive. We followed these instructions and within a few days our son was down to one breathing treatment a day and then within 30 days.. we kissed the breathing machine goodbye forever! We also said goodbye to nasty formula, ear infections and a horrendous cough along with eczema and dark eye circles. I don't know if she remembers us or not. My then 14 mo old daughter had ear infections caused by parasites. W/in 24 hours of starting the regimen Donna gave us.. she made a believer out of me real quick when my daughter had dead little white worms coming out of her ears! She is 17 now and has NEVER had another ear infection. God bless you Donna. Joan Sewell Vasquez

  2. Of course I remember you and your family, Joan. Thank you so much for sharing your clinical nutrition success stories with our readers. I am so proud of you. You were willing to do what it takes to make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes that have brought you the greatest reward -- healthy children. They will carry this knowledge with them and pass it on to their children, thus helping me fulfill my destiny/mission in life as stated by Winston Churchill, "Healthy Citizens are the greatest asset any country can have." (1947). Your praise of how I have helped you and your children and what this has meant to you has touched my heart very deeply. Please keep in touch by emailing me from time to time, as I would love to hear what you and your children have been doing since we last saw each other. God bless you and your family, too, and thank you again for sharing this with us.

  3. Joan, in looking over my reply to you after posting it, I saw that I had missed saying something I meant to put in it and that was, I remember, when you and your family moved from Wichita Falls, thinking how much I would miss you all. I was delighted to hear from you some years later when you passed on the message from your local natural health practitioner, who wanted some clinical nutrition information from me, though at the moment I don't what the health topic was. Anyway, I remember then thinking how delighted I was to hear from you again, and how glad I was that you had remembered me. Have a blessed day and I look forward to our next contact.